2pcs Adjustable Training Wheels Side Stabilizer for Kids 12-20″ Balance Color (Yellow)

159 EGP


About this item

  • 2 Pieces Training Adjustable Side Wheels Mounted for Kids 12-20″ Balance Color (Yellow)
  • Exterior finish: Aluminum



The side bike brackets help give stability and balance to young children as they learn to ride. ADJUSTABLE:The side bike brackets come with height adjustment, allowing you to adjust the height according to the child’s comfort level and skill. EASY INSTALLATION:Designed for easy installation on most standard kids bikes, often requiring simple tools such as keys or screwdrivers to mount to the rear wheel axle. REMOVABLE: once the child has gained confidence and mastered balance, the side bike brackets can be easily removed, allowing the child to transition to unassisted riding. Safety features: side bike brackets may come with additional safety features such as non-slip rubber pads to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. COMPATIBILITY:The side bike brackets are compatible with a wide range of children’s bikes, including various wheel sizes, tire designs and brands. Overall, children’s bike brackets are essential riding tools, providing stability and support while children learn to ride.

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