12-20 Kids Bike Balance Training Side Wheels

199 EGP


About this item

  • Side Balancing Training Wheels for Kids Bicycle Size 12-20
  • Exterior finish: Aluminum
  • Compatible with vehicle type: Bicycle
  • Exterior finish: Aluminum



  1. Stability: The training wheels provide stability and support to help young riders learn to balance and ride a bike independently. They prevent the bike from tipping over, giving children confidence as they develop their cycling skills.
  2. Adjustability: These training wheels are typically adjustable to fit different sizes of children’s bikes, accommodating wheel sizes ranging from 12 inches to 20 inches. This adjustability allows them to grow with the child and be used on multiple bikes if needed.
  3. Easy Installation: They are designed for easy installation, usually attaching to the rear wheel axle or frame of the bike using bolts or clamps. Some models may come with quick-release mechanisms for convenient installation and removal.
  4. Durability: These training wheels are usually made from sturdy materials like steel or aluminum to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. They should be able to support the weight of the child and provide stable support during riding sessions.
  5. Safety: While training wheels provide stability, it’s essential for children to eventually transition to riding without them to fully develop their balance and coordination skills. Parents should supervise children closely during the learning process and encourage them to practice riding without the training wheels once they feel comfortable.

Overall, the 12-20 Kids Bike Balance Training Side Wheels are a valuable tool for teaching children how to ride a bike safely and confidently, providing support and stability as they learn this essential skill.

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