100 Nylon Cable ties 200mm

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About this item

  • Type : Cable Ties
  • Size: 200mm
  • Colour: White
  • Package include: 100Pcs
  • Origin: China




  1. Nylon Material: The cable ties are made from durable nylon material, known for its strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors such as moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation. Nylon is a popular choice for cable ties due to its reliability and versatility.
  2. 200mm Length: Each cable tie measures 200mm (approximately 7.87 inches) in length, providing ample length for securing various objects together. This size is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cable management, electrical wiring, gardening, and more.
  3. Self-Locking Design: The cable ties feature a self-locking mechanism that allows for quick and easy installation. Once the tie is inserted through the locking head, it securely grips onto itself, creating a tight and secure hold around the bundled items.
  4. Versatile Use: These cable ties are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including home, office, automotive, construction, and industrial settings. They can be used to organize cables and wires, secure equipment and tools, bundle gardening supplies, and more.
  5. Multipurpose: The cable ties have a wide range of uses beyond cable management. They can be used for bundling together items for storage or transportation, creating temporary repairs, securing signage or banners, and even arts and crafts projects.
  6. Pack of 100: The product comes in a pack containing 100 individual cable ties, providing an ample supply for various projects and applications. Having multiple cable ties on hand ensures that you have enough for your needs and allows for easy replacement when necessary.
  7. Easy to Use: Using the cable ties is simple and straightforward. Just insert the tail end of the tie through the locking head and pull tight to secure the desired items. The excess length can be trimmed off for a neat and tidy finish.

Overall, the 100 Nylon Cable Ties, 200mm in length, offer a reliable and efficient solution for bundling and securing items in a wide range of applications, providing strength, durability, and convenience.

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